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Accessibility statement

Last updated: June 18, 2021

Vigilo is committed to making our web pages as accessible as possible so everyone, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive, and motor disabilities, have complete access to our Website.

We are consistently working to improve the overall accessibility of our website by aiming to meet the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. These guidelines explain how to make website content more accessible for those who need it.

Important functions

Important features we use on our website to improve the user experience for users with disabilities:

  • Screen reader compatibility: We have created a site that works well with Jaws and Chrome screen readers, allowing anyone to render and receive text and image content as speech or braille output.

  • Keyboard navigation: All menus buttons and forms are accessible from the keyboard. Use the Tab key to navigate forward and Shift + Tab to navigate backward.

  • Skip to content: Keyboard users may bypass repetitive elements at the top of each page by immediately tabbing to the first interactive item, which is a “Skip to Main Content” link. This allows users to jump to the main section of the current page.

  • Images: We have applied descriptive alt tags to images throughout the website (and images of text) that provide information and applied null alt tags to all decorative images.

  • Headings: We have provided descriptive link names so that users can easily understand their purpose.

  • Links: We have provided descriptive link names so that users can easily understand their purpose.

  • Use of ARIA: As we have a dynamic site, we have used various ARIA roles, properties and states to enhance screen reader users experience the information you need to make informed decisions. We recommend you use a modern browser with a modern screen reader to take advantage of these features.

  • Visual Design: All pages and content may be enlarged using standard browser controls or screen magnification software. Text on pages is designed to have sufficient contrast with its background.