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Vigilo Analytics

Data is a highly valuable resource that in many cases is under exploited. By analyzing the past, you will know more about what might happen in the future. Through Vigilo Analytics, the customer will be able to transform their own data into useful knowledge that ultimately results in better services.

Vigilo OAS will already from its implementation contain a large amount of data on children/students, parents and staff in the municipality’s kindergartens and primary schools. As the solution is put to use, new data will be added, both directly in Vigilo and via integrated third parties. The standard reports in the solution provides valuable information from the solution and insight into the current situation. With Vigilo Analytics you will be able to see the bigger picture both by putting the data into context to a greater extent and by analyzing these in a historical perspective. In this way, trends and causalities can be uncovered.

Anonymized data is transferred to a data lake/data warehouse, so that all the necessary information can be extracted without straining the solution itself. In this process, it is crucial to record changes in data in order to see developments over time.

Data from Vigilo Analytics will be presented through an integrated analytics tool from Power BI. This includes clickable, interactive reports, and graphical representations. Here you can go from an overall presentation to detailed deep dives into underlying data. In addition, the data will be exposed in APIs for use in other tools.

Recording changes in data and putting these in context is also a prerequisite for machine learning. This gives the data a completely new practical application where the solution can independently analyze the data and make recommendations or even make its own decisions. Vigilo will use machine learning for scheduling, staffing planning, automated kindergarten admission and other forms of resource optimization. If data is fuel, Vigilo Analytics will be the engine.