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Vigilo takes your privacy seriously. Take a look below for more information on how we protect your data.

In short, data protection is all about the right to privacy and the right to have a say about your own personal data. Vigilo has always handled your personal data with the utmost care, just as we would like our personal data to be processed. We ask for your permission to store the information you provide us with, and you always have the right to know what data we have stored about you as well as having them deleted.


On your behalf, GDPR implies greater data protection, and much higher requirements for companies providing services where your data are stored. This specifically implies how companies handles your personal data.


In regard to introducing GDPR in Norway we have updated our solutions as well as set high standards for our service providers in order to meet the requirements for data protection. Should an undesirable event occur, we have established routines and allied ourselves with the best resources in cyber security. This is to minimize the possible consequences and get as fast and clear information as possible.


For more detailed information regarding your data protection when using Vigilo, please click on the buttons above.

The privacy policy explained on these pages goes in to detail regarding the processing of personal data Vigilo AS processes. 


Vigilo takes your privacy most seriously. We want to make sure that we process your personal data in lign with The Personal Data Act.  


Personal data are all data and assessments that can be tied to you as an individual. This can entail name, residency, e-mail address or technical information when utilizing our services.  


As declared in the privacy policy further explained below, we want to provide you with information on how we use and protect your personal data including your rights to privacy. 

In most cases, Vigilo is the processor, but in some cases also acts as data controller in relation to the data we process. Please find below a quick introduction to the two roles and learn more under what circumstances Vigilo undertakes the role as either processor or data controller. No matter the role, we will not ask for/gather more personal data than what is needed in order to deliver the agreed solution to our customer/user.  

The processor is the one who processes personal data on behalf of a data controller. It can be a supplier sending out newsletters for a company or an accountant providing payroll. Although the processing company is responsible for the processing, data processors also have obligations by legislation.

Vigilo is the processor of the personal data processed in our solutions (Vigilo OAS, Vigilo Childcare, Vigilo ASP, Vigilo School or Vigilo Admission). The information is owned by the customer and our task as a data processor is governed by a data processor agreement.

For access, correction or deletion – contact your municipality, local kindergarten or school.

The data controller is the one who decides the purpose of the processing of personal data and what tools to use.

Vigilo is the data controller for personal data gathered through our website, such as for support inquiries. Typically this can be name, contact information and IP address in order to respond to support queries and better provide you with the help you need. When downloading the Vigilo app and/or create a profile in our portal, you give Vigilo consent to process/store information about you. For access, correction or deletion in the above context, please contact us via Mark the message with Privacy.

As an employee in a Vigilo-school or -kindergarten, or as a parent or next of kin of a child connected to our solution, we typically process the following personal data:


Parent and next of kin in a Vigilo-school/-kindergarten

Birth number / DUF number; First name; Surname; Sex; Person status code; Residence address; Zip code; Poststed; Country; Address restriction; Postal address; Zip code; Poststed; Citizenship (Nationality); District; District number; Municipality number; Mother tongue; Role; Email; Telephone number; Income information; Invoice information; Marital status; Family relationships; Name of place of residence; Sibling; Other manually registered caregivers (parents)


Children in a Vigilo-school/-kindergarten

Birth number / DUF number; Year of birth; Date of birth; First name; Surname; Sex; Parental responsibility; Person status code; Residence address; Zip code; Poststed; Country; Address restriction; Postal address; Zip code; Poststed; Citizenship (Nationality); District; District number; Municipality number; School district; Mother tongue; Target form; School transport; Username; Absence overview; Remarks; Assessments; Training plans; Reports; Messages; Routines; Agree; Email; Telephone number; Health information; Pictures; Unit affiliation; Group / class affiliation


Employee in a Vigilo-school/-kindergarten

Birth number / DUF number; First name; Surname; Date of birth; Sex; Nationality; Mother tongue; Target form; Email (work and private); Telephone number (job and private); Residence address; Zip code; Poststed; Country; Address restriction; Postal address; Zip code; Poststed; Person status code; Employee number; Role; Start / end date; Education; Competence; Job title; Job percentage; Type of employment; Salary information; Work experience; Competence; Absence; Reason for absence; Relatives; Unit affiliation; Class affiliation; Messages

In addition to the above-mentioned information, logged-in users can manually register other personal information in the solution’s document processing service and messaging service.

Vigilo has access to this information to the extent necessary to fulfill our obligations as per the agreement with the municipality/private kindergartens or schools. All employees at Vigilo with access to personal data have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement.


The processing of personal data Vigilo as a processor processes on behalf of customers (municipality, school, kindergarten), consists of making our solutions (Vigilo School, Vigilo Childcare, Vigilo OAS, Vigilo Admission) available, and perform the necessary operation and maintenance of the solutions.


The solutions are utilized to: Communicating with staff, students and parents, registering absences and remarks, make assessments, parent-student-teacher conferences, managing substitute teachers, scheduling, invoicing, processing basis data, kindergarten and ASP admission, reporting, handling school transportation, book rooms, hold digital student files and handling IEP, have overview over all employees and their competences and work experience.

As mentioned above, Vigilo mainly operates as a data processor on the behalf of the data controller, ie the individual municipality, kindergarten or school. The grounds for processing Vigilo has in this context is to deliver an agreed solution to the customer (municipality, school, kindergarten). The digital solution Vigilo delivers will help to ensure good education and follow-up in the upbringing sector in the municipality in accordance with current regulations and good practice. Vigilo will at all times be able to offer updated data processor agreements to the customers we are data processors for. Vigilo will only process data that has been approved by the data controller, ie only data that is necessary to deliver the agreed solution.

For data which Vigilo is responsible for processing, the ground for processing is on the basis for delivering agreed/requested, service based on consent of the user as for example answering support inquiries.

To know more about our customers’ grounds of processing, we kindly ask you to contact your kindergarten, school, SFO or municipality. The grounds of processing may vary from customer to customer.

Vigilo AS only share your personal data with our service providers when necessary in order to deliver products and services to you. This entails, among which, our service providers for development and operation. All service providers Vigilo AS has given legal basis for the processing of personal data and have processing data as a purpose, are approved as a data controller through a data processor agreement.

In situations like these, we will partner with service providers who protect your personal data and make sure that the service providers are not entitled to use data beyond the requirements set and the information provided in this privacy policy. Vigilo’s service providers are subject to the same strict rules which occurs in the data processor agreement (between customer – Vigilo) for the processing of personal data just as Vigilo is subject to their customers.

  • Cegal AS (Operations and development services)
  • Zendesk (Support handling)
  • Brevo (News letters)
  • Microsoft (Data processing)
  • Filemail (Secure file transfer)
  • SMS teknik AB (SMS gateway service)

All service providers have valid data processor agreements with Vigilo

We will not share your information, that Vigilo is data controller over, with other third parties other than those mentioned above (our service providers) without your explicit consent.

Once we have received your consent, we may share the information you have given us permission to. This may, i.e. apply to exclusive offers and invitations from our partners. You may withdraw your consent at any given time.


Vigilo can in cases be instructed by the customer (data controller) to share the information they are responsible for with third parties that the customer has approved in advance and has a separate agreement with. These third parties will vary between Vigilo’s customers (also the basis for treatment) and Vigilo therefore asks you to contact your kindergarten, school, SFO or municipality for more information in this regard.

Information about you may be provided to relevant authorities if a court or other authority require us to do so.

Vigilo AS store your personal data in accordance with current legislation and as long as you have a user profile in Vigilo. Upon deletion of your profile, all of your personal data will be deleted and your user data anonymized.

To parents: Data about children and parents are stored as longs as the child is enrolled in a kindergarten/school, only as long as necessary and no longer than current legislation implies. Personal data regarding children are especially protected. Parents consent on behalf of children and children can consent on their own from the age of 15. Which data is of archival value? That is decided and processed by the data controller (school, kindergarten and municipality) and these data can be stored in archives indefinitely.

To employees: Personal data are stored as long as conditions of employment are in place and then for three years in accordance with the general limitation period.

All information we process about our users in connection with them being registered as a user will be stored within the EU / European Economic Area. The information about our users is satisfactorily secured both physically and logically. The information about you as a user, employee, guardian, other family or about your / your children is only stored for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. This will typically mean as long as you are employed, or your / your children are part of a Vigilo kindergarten or school

Within the framework of law you have the following rights to privacy:


Right to information.
You have the right to recieve further information on our use of your personal data.


Right to transparency.
You have the right to a copy of your personal data.


Right to correction.
You have the right to get erroneous information corrected. You can update your data in your user profile. In the event of other personal data in need of correction, or if you do not posess a Vigilo user account, you may contact us directly.


Right to be forgotten.
You have the right to request that your personal data are to be deleted if we no longer have use for them. In some cases it may be appropriate to anonymize your personal data in stead of deleting them. By anonymizing your personal data we mean that all identifiable or potential identifiable characteristics is to be removed from retained data sets.


Right to limit the processing of personal data.
You have the right to request a full-stop in using your personal data.


Right to recieve transfered personal data.
Under certain circumstances you have the right to get personal data you have given us in a format enabling you to transfer your personal data to another organization. You also have the right to recieve the personal data that have been directly transefered from us to the given organization. This right is only applicable regarding personal data that is processed by automatized methods and that havethe basis of your consent as part of efforts to fulfill an agreement with you. This right solely include data you have provided us, either directly through i.e. registering a user account or data generated through your use of our services.


Right to oppose the processing of personal data.
You have the right to oppose our use of your personal data, i.e. by oppose to marketing.


Right to prevent automated decisions.
You have the right to not be subject to automated decision making by legal or similar effect (i.e. automated credit assessment). We do not currently use automated decisions.


There are exceptions to the rights described above. These exceptions follow the legislation and can i.e. imply that access to certain data are denied or that data cannot be deleted. For more information on these exceptions we advise you to contact us or The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA).


You can excersice your rights and recieve more information on which exceptions and restrictions apply via your user account or by contacting us via


If you feel like we have processed your personal data in a manner that is inconsistent with THE PERSONVERNLOVGIVNINGEN, we hope that you contact us so that we can resolve any misunderstandings. Additionally, you have the right to submit a complaint with the DPA.

Vigilo respects that children are in need of special protection regarding their privacy. Guardians approve on behalf of children, and children can consent even from the age of 15 years. Vigilo will focus specifically on ensuring the privacy of children who are part of the solution.

Vigilo uses several industry-standard security measures to protect user data. This includes, but is not limited to: firewalls, data segregation (both logical and physical), back-up, screening, logging, TLS encryption of all data transferred to / from our platform, authentication and access control.

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded and stored on the users device when accessing a website. The cookie is used i.e. to store log in details, remember the web store shopping cart or generally register where you spend time on a website.

Cookies can be useful for both the owner and the visitor of a website. The owner of a website can adjust his or her service based on the stored information. This in turn can result in a more user-friendly and customized visit for the visitor.

We utilize cookies to remember your preferances and settings. For example, you may not have to log in again every time you access our website.

In other words, we utilize cookies in order to provide you with a better experience while navigating our website. Some cookies are vital for basic website functionality and are therefore marked as necessary. These cookies are deleted automatically when the visitor closes the website, and no user data will be stored.

In addition, we also utilize third parties’ cookies helping us analyze and understand how you and other visitors make use of our website. These types of cookies are stored in your browser upon your consent.

Thus, you are entitled to choose which cookies are to be stored in your browser. Your website experience will be affected should you choose not to consent to storing one or several cookies.


Go to “Settings for cookies” in the footer on this website to manage your consents.

Cookies user settings


We use services provided by Google for ad management and analytics. You can choose to reserve yourself against collection and data analysis via Google Analytics by downloading Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on on this page. For more information on ad services provided by Google here. If you hold a Google account, you can also change your preferred ad settings.


We utilizer in processing inquiries about Vigilo and provide excellent customer support. All cookies linked to and aims to provide the best possible customer support experience.


We utilize Vimeo as a third party to showcase videos on our website. See for more information.



We utilize Cloudflare to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address to offer this reliable client access even though we previously have identified other clients on a shared IP address that are not reliable. Thus, identifying reliable on a client level and not based on a shared IP address. In this regard, we store non-personal-identifiable-information.


1. General
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2. Legal use
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3. Copyright in intellectual property
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4. Links to other sites
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5. Disclaimer
The website and the solution are delivered “as is”. Vigilo AS takes all reasonable steps to keep the information on the website correct and up to date, and to maintain a fast and reliable service. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer, Vigilo AS cannot be held responsible for losses or damages that arise as a result of using this website, the solution or other websites that are linked to. Like the above, Vigilo AS cannot be held responsible for losses or damages that arise as a result of the use of information contained on this website, in the solution, or on a website linked to these.


6. Modification of the website
We reserve the right to make improvements or changes to information, services, products and other content on our website at any time and without notice.


7. Change of terms of use
We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. If you continue to use this website and or the solution for Vigilo AS, you agree to these changes to the Terms of Use.

Kort fortalt handler en tilgjengelighetserklæring om i hvilken grad en nettside etterlever kravene til universell utforming av ikt.


Tilgjengelighetserklæringen er først og fremst til for brukerne, og den skal gi informasjon om ev. brudd på kravene og hvilke utfordringer det kan føre til for brukerne.


Finner du feil eller mangler kan du melde fra om dette ved å klikke på lenken for tilgjengelighetserklæring knyttet til din kommune:


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Vigilo AS forplikter seg til å etterleve Lov om virksomheters åpenhet og arbeid med grunnleggende menneskerettigheter og anstendige arbeidsforhold (Åpenhetsloven). Vi erkjenner betydningen av å respektere menneskerettigheter og fremme anstendige arbeidsforhold i alle våre virksomhetsområder og leverandørkjeder. Det er Vigilo sin Daglige leder som er øverste ansvarlige for denne etterlevelsen.


Vigilo leverer tidsbesparende løsninger for barnehager, SFO og skoler over hele landet. Sammen med kommunikasjons­løsning mellom hjem og enhet, dekker Vigilo alle administrative behov på kommunens forvaltningsnivå, i skolen og i barnehagen. Selskapets hovedkontor ligger i Karmøy kommune.


Som leverandør forplikter Vigilo AS seg til å vurdere virksomhetens aktsomhet årlig, samt å følgende prinsippene i tråd med Åpenhetsloven:


1. Menneskerettigheter:
Vi forplikter oss til å respektere og fremme grunnleggende menneskerettigheter i alle våre virksomhetsaktiviteter. Dette inkluderer retten til liv, frihet og sikkerhet, like rettigheter og muligheter uten diskriminering, samt retten til en anstendig levestandard.

2. Arbeidsforhold
Vi vil sikre at våre arbeidsforhold og forhold hos leverandør som vi benytter er i samsvar med internasjonale standarder for arbeidstakerrettigheter, inkludert retten til organisering, retten til kollektive forhandlinger og bekjempelse av tvangsarbeid og barnearbeid. Våre leverandører skal på forespørsel kunne tilgjengelig dokumentasjon som bygger opp om dette prinsippet.

3. Inkludering og mangfold:
Vi vil fremme inkludering og mangfold på arbeidsplassen og i våre leverandørkjeder, og vi vil ikke akseptere diskriminering.

4. Transparens og rapportering:
Vi vil være åpne om våre prinsipper, praksiser og resultater knyttet til menneskerettigheter og arbeidsforhold.

5. Samarbeid og forbedring
Vi vil samarbeide med interessenter, inkludert ansatte, leverandører og kunder for å kontinuerlig forbedre våre praksiser og innsats knyttet til menneskerettigheter og arbeidsforhold.


I vår aktsomhetsvurdering finner vi at det er størst risiko for at Vigilo indirekte bryter de overnevnte prinsippene, ved at vi inngår avtaler med leverandører som ikke etterlever prinsippene. Vigilo benytter i hovedsak, og så langt det er praktisk mulig, standardavtaler med våre leverandører som inkorporerer ansvarlighet knyttet til åpenhet og etterlevelse. Det foretas uansett en individuell vurdering av leverandørene før avtaleinngåelse med tanke relevant lovverk, herunder også Åpenhetsloven.


For ansatte i vår organisasjon har vi etablert interne kanaler for å rapportere potensielle brudd på grunnleggende menneskerettigheter eller arbeidsforhold. Vi tar alle slike rapporter på alvor og gjennomfører undersøkelser for å håndtere identifiserte problemer umiddelbart. Vi oppfordrer partnere og leverandører til å ta kontakt angående eventuelle spørsmål eller problemer knyttet til aktsomhetsvurdering. Vi har åpne kommunikasjonskanaler for å sikre at alle som er involvert i våre aktiviteter føler seg trygge på å ta opp bekymringer og søke avklaring.


For spørsmål eller forespørsler om denne leverandørerklæringen, vennligst kontakt oss via vårt supportsenter: